Recruitment & Selection

"We at Pertinence screen and evaluate best possible candidates for your requirement. The success of contingency recruitment depends upon various factors. The most important being establishing accurate specifications for both; job roles and candidate profiles."
Why choose Pertinence ?
  • We do an extensive research on the company's background and structure and detailed information about the precise skills required.
  • It's our experience, dedication and investment of time that enables us to process pre-arranged interview dates, times and venues without a hitch.
  • Our clients also save time because we ensure the candidates are well informed about the company and also provide the un-edited resume to the clients.
  • We manage the end to end process of the recruitment and could even send 'regret letters' to the unsuccessful candidates to help maintain a professional image.
  • Our services also include Sourcing, screening, selection and process management to deliver suitable solutions in a cost effective manner at competitive pricing.
  • We generally offer these services for ongoing permanent openings where we have agreed terms and conditions with our clients and our supplying you with workforce on an adhoc and as needed basis.
This is how we work:
  • it is very important for us to gain an in-depth understanding of the role and how it relates to your organization. Frequently description and requirements of the openings are discussed in a meeting to ensure that we have a very clear understanding of your requirement.
  • Once the job has been qualified, we search our database and contact network to find a pool of potentially suitable candidates.
  • Candidate's responses are screened via telephone interview to ensure they correspond with the customer's requirements.
  • Profiles which are a closest match are then interviewed by us and when suitable are forwarded to the client.
  • We will arrange interviews for you and provide our support through the offer and signature of the employment contract.
  • Only when the deal is done we will issue the invoice.
  • We will support the candidate to the point of commencement. After the joining date and during the probation period we maintain a relationship with you and the candidate.

Diversity hiring

"At Pertinence we help companies understand the importance of diverse hiring. We help them to better understand how diversity hiring leads to bigger economic success and increase in market share. We ourselves try and understand how a diverse workforce is important to an organization's profitability and inclusive talent at the executive level can give an organization a key advantage. Understanding diversity and inclusion is an important part of our service."

We understand that recruiting a diverse workforce is not about filling a quota or running an ad with a picture of a diverse group of people in it. True diversity starts with a mission to gain strength as an organization through recruiting a variety of outstanding people with diverse backgrounds, skills, ideas and cultures. It ends with your company reaching out to a specifically targeted audience that will help your business achieve that mission.gender diverse workforce can provide tangible benefits to a company besides just fulfilling legal compliance and good faith efforts.

Why gender diversity ?
  • Gender diversity can improve the productivity of the company.
  • A gender diverse culture that mirrors its market always tends to do better than its homogenous competitors.
  • Diversity in business ownership, particularly among the women is the key to moving our economy forward.
  • With demographic shifts, advances in technology and communications and globalization, diversity is no more the "right thing to do" it is a highly important business imperative.
Why Pertinence ?
  • Pertinence understand the impact of gender hiring for organizations at all levels and hence the focus has been to place women full time, part time and flexi timing positions at different levels and functions.
  • Access to thousands of candidates from a diverse pool of candidates to showcase and promote diversity in the workplace.
  • Our vast pool of women candidates across industries and domains help us in rendering our best towards women- Gender diversity hiring assignments.
  • We offer gender diversity hiring solutions across the globe and various sectors.

Diversity hiring is becoming increasingly important for a company's make up to reflect the makeup of the customer base (market) and business success. To appeal to a large customer base a company needs to hire people from all walks of life. By employing a diverse workforce companies can tap into their specialized insights and knowledge about the marketplace.

Training & Development

"Our professionals carry strong training background and experience thus delivering training over and above industry standards. We understand the performance gaps of the participants from the HR perspective and then work to develop a appropriate training module to effectively address those needs and skills that needs improvement."
Training Module includes sessions on:
  • Personality Development
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Resume Building
  • Team Building
  • Personal Branding
  • Current Corporate Traits
  • Positive Thinking

The above training modules have been designed keeping in mind the need of an individual and an attempt to make them employable. A one month program would surely enhance their confidence level, positive attitude and a path leading them to a correct career graph.

Training Details:

1 month training module:

  • Days: Sat-Sun
  • Time: 10 a.m-12 p.m
  • Location: Pune
  • Contact: 7720053706/03 for more details.
Free placement assistance provided!!!

Career Counseling

"We at Pertinence help you seek professional advice from an experienced career counselor to assist you in discovering your career passion. Learn to market yourself to potential employers, resolve workplace conflicts and develop a career plan."
Career counselors can help you:
  • Develop a career plan
  • Make more effective decisions
  • Assess your best job options, through career assessments and other tools
  • Develop job search skills, such as writing effective resumes
  • Find work-life balance
  • Resolve personal conflicts with bosses and coworkers
  • Navigate job stress, career transitions and other difficult employment issues
30-Minute Career Counseling Appointments are available with our experts. Free placement assistance provided!!!

Contact: 7720053706/03 for more details.

Personalized Resume Building

"It has been rightly said that 'the first impression is the last impression', so why not make it your best? A good resume is like a good advertisement. Its often the only chance you get to look remarkable in the eyes of a potential employer."
Why do you need resume formatting ?

Recent research shows that recruiters only spend an average 6.25 seconds looking at a candidate's resume before deciding whether to he or she is fit for a job.

Why Pertinence ?
  • We have assisted many clients to secure meaningful roles and advance their careers throughout their professional lives.
  • With our experience we have managed to secure jobs for thousands of candidates and have a successful track record. Hence we are pleased to guarantee you complete satisfaction.
  • If you aren't pleased with the resume we write for you we will keep revising it till you are a 100% satisfied with our job
  • We work diligently and at pace to return candidate's resumes in the house style of your choice.
  • We maintain individual confidentiality while customizing resumes.

Many recruitment businesses across the globe have already benefitted from outsourcing the CV formatting and achieved real efficiencies for their business. Experience has taught us that transition and implementation takes little time and significant annual cost savings can be made.

Free placement assistance provided!!!